Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Hello Everyone! Sorry I am a bit late on getting this one in, but I have been kinda lazy :/ Anywho, does anyone ever tell you that you look like someone they know? Kind of annoying right, since you usually have not the faintest idea who the other person is. Or do you wonder if there is anyone out there that looks similar to you? Well this site proves that some people do have a doppelganger out there, and they are there to bring the proof to the people.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Some light reading

Are you guys looking for some suggestions to some great books and magazines? Search no further, because I think I have found exactly what you all have been looking for. Maybe you need a book for your sunny beach vacation, or a nice magazine to look at the pictures, but whatever you are into, it cannot be as bad as the following magazines and books. Thanks Oddee for listing these for our enjoyment! And these are real! There are links within the pages I linked to for proof.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cake Wrecks- So funny you can't look away!

Cake Wrecks is greatness. It highlights the not-so talented cake decorators that you have come to know and love from your local Krogers or Albertsons. You get a grab bag of misspellings, blobs of unrecognizable frosting and the feeling that blind people might actually be the ones hand crafting these treasures.

I'm sure this is a common one that the bakery has ready at all times in it's glass jewel case:

ALRIGHT AIDEN!! If everytime I went to the bathroom I was presented a cake, I could die happy.

Good luck...I guess... :(

Unless 'Jaysm' is the name of some celebrity baby, a little boy named Jason is crying into his pillow right now.

Did someone poop, throw some easy mac and melt some blue leggos on this cupcake-cake?

CLEARLY this is a dog.

This is the neon version of the dog above, but apparently he is allergic to sprinkles, because he is throwing them up on your birthday cake.

So this is what was in the cake catalog....

....And this is what you picked up from the bakery at Wal-Mart...

Nothing says happy birthday like a creepy, tanorexic unbuttoning his pants for you on your birthday cake...especially when you are turning 14.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Comic Crazy!

I have been collecting these random comics since I started stumbling, and I feel that I have an adequate enough bunch to present to you fine folks. You may laugh, cry, shrug your shoulders in confusion or decide to never look at this blog again. Just kidding about that last part, you know you will always come back to my little niche on the internet! Enjoy.