Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Plug and Slightly Warped

This week is dedicated to 2 of my favorite fans of the blog, Aleesha and Christopher! First up is The Plug. This is a webzine that has some funny/entertaining articles that are pretty creative. This first link is for a cake that Jay (the writer of the zine) ordered-

One day he had to run lots of errands, and who is the person that you see the most on errand day? A cashier! He figured that the cashiers may want to send a note to other cashiers, so he just helped the process along...

Finally from The Plug, do you think a CD, a piece of felt, a spoon or ductape were delivered when dropped in the mail? Click to find out!

SlightlyWarped kept me looking at it's stuff for a good hour or so, so I felt this was definitely worthy of a blog post! These are some of my favorites, but there are tons more fun things to look at, so click the link!

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