Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cake Wrecks- So funny you can't look away!

Cake Wrecks is greatness. It highlights the not-so talented cake decorators that you have come to know and love from your local Krogers or Albertsons. You get a grab bag of misspellings, blobs of unrecognizable frosting and the feeling that blind people might actually be the ones hand crafting these treasures.

I'm sure this is a common one that the bakery has ready at all times in it's glass jewel case:

ALRIGHT AIDEN!! If everytime I went to the bathroom I was presented a cake, I could die happy.

Good luck...I guess... :(

Unless 'Jaysm' is the name of some celebrity baby, a little boy named Jason is crying into his pillow right now.

Did someone poop, throw some easy mac and melt some blue leggos on this cupcake-cake?

CLEARLY this is a dog.

This is the neon version of the dog above, but apparently he is allergic to sprinkles, because he is throwing them up on your birthday cake.

So this is what was in the cake catalog....

....And this is what you picked up from the bakery at Wal-Mart...

Nothing says happy birthday like a creepy, tanorexic unbuttoning his pants for you on your birthday cake...especially when you are turning 14.

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